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The Plánický ridge nature park covers 7,851 ha in the top part of the Plánický vrchovina, which forms a kind of migration crossroads between Šumava, Brdy and the Blatenské mountains. The nature park is dominated by the hills Rovná (728 m above sea level), Barák (706 m above sea level), Stírka (706 m above sea level) and Velký kámen (674 m above sea level). This park is directly connected to the district of Plzeň - south by the nature park Kakov - Plánický ridge with the highest peak Na Balkáně (706 m above sea level).

Protected area with an area of ​​80 km2 founded in 1982 in order to preserve the forested area of ​​the Plánický ridge. With the adjacent nature park Kakov - Plánický ridge, the top parts of the Plánické vrchovina occupy. In the mosaic-like rural landscape, the original flowering beeches have been preserved in some places. We can find them mainly in PR Jelení vrch or in PP Velký kámen. The remains of wetland meadows are home to endangered plant species. Interesting historical monuments are in the town of Plánice and in Nicova, where you will find the pilgrimage church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

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